Mini-symposium (LCPQ / 9-10 december)

The speakers (and titles) are: - Elise Dumont (ENS, Lyon) "Modelling radicals-induced and light-induced damage in DNA” - Nicolas Ferre (Universite Aix-Marseille) "Why hydroxyl matters: NMR and UV-visible spectra of anthraquinones" - Denis Jacquemin (CEISAM, Nantes) "Modelling Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer in Organic Dyes" - Adele Laurent (CEISAM, Nantes) "Molecular simulations of ligand-protein interactions" The… Read More »Mini-symposium (LCPQ / 9-10 december)

Winter school on Laboratory Astrophysics : tracking the evolution of cosmic matter towards molecular complexity (LCPQ, Les Houches). – 13-18 March 2022

The school will take place at “Les Houches School of Physics”, located in the Chamonix valley of the French Alps in March 13-18 2022. This winter school is a PCMI-supported initiative and is addressed to a very broad audience, extending well beyond its own frontiers. It includes the fields of astrochemistry and planetary sciences. All researchers (PhD, post docs and permanent researchers) are welcome.